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Nathan’s Stand Up Comedy Show: “Lost in the Airport”

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[Stage lights turn on as Nathan walks in, holding a microphone.]

Nathan: Hey, hey! How’s everyone doing tonight? I hope you’re all ready for some good laughs!

[Applause from the audience.]

Nathan: So, I recently went on a family holiday with my parents, siblings, and my little nephew. We had everything planned out, from the flights to the hotels, and everything in between. But, little did we know, we were in for a surprise!

[Pause for effect.]

Nathan: We arrived at the airport, all excited and ready to go. We checked in, went through security, and waited at our gate. And that’s when it happened…

[Serious tone.]

Nathan: My nephew disappeared!

[Audience gasps.]

Nathan: Yeah, I know, I panicked too! We looked everywhere for him, but he was nowhere to be found. We asked the airport staff for help, and they put out a missing child alert.

[Pause for effect.]

Nathan: And then, after what felt like hours, we finally found him. You know where he was? Eating ice cream at a random cafe!

[Laughter from the audience.]

Nathan: And that’s when I realized, even with all the planning in the world, things can still go wrong. But, you know what else I realized? The importance of being grateful and cherishing the people around us.

[Pause for effect.]

Nathan: So, to my little nephew, thank you for reminding me of that. And to all of you, never forget to be thankful for the people in your life, no matter how crazy they can be!

[Applause from the audience.]

Nathan: That’s it for me tonight! Thank you all for coming and have a blessed day!

[Stage lights turn off as Nathan exits.]

New episode coming on Sunday 11 am GMT+7

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