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Nathan’s Stand Up Comedy Show: “Holiday Planning”

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[Scene: Nathan walks onto the stage, holding a pile of papers and a map.]

Nathan: How’s everyone doing tonight? (Crowd cheers) Great! I’m Nathan, and I’m here to talk about planning a family holiday. (Audience groans) Yeah, I know, planning a holiday can be a bit stressful. But planning a Christian family holiday? That’s a whole other level of stress.

[Pause for laughter]

Nathan: You see, when you’re planning a Christian family holiday, it’s not just about where you’re going or what you’re doing. You also have to plan what church you’re going to attend on Sunday. And let me tell you, trying to find a good church while on vacation is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

[Pause for laughter]

Nathan: And don’t even get me started on the food. Trying to find a restaurant that serves kosher or halal food? That’s like trying to find a unicorn.

[Pause for laughter]

Nathan: But the biggest challenge of all? Trying to get the whole family to agree on where to go and what to do. I mean, my dad wants to go fishing, my mom wants to visit historical landmarks, my sister wants to go to the beach, and my little brother just wants to play video games all day.

[Pause for laughter]

Nathan: But despite all the challenges, there’s nothing quite like a family holiday. And as a Christian, it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and grow closer to God. So, if you see me on my holiday, lost and confused with a map in my hand, just give me a smile and say a little prayer for me.

[Pause for laughter and applause]

Nathan: Thank you, and God bless you all!

New episode coming on Sunday at 11 am GMT+7

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