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Nathan’s Stand Up Comedy: “Being Polite: How to Become a Good Man”

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Nathan: Hey, everyone! How’s everyone doing tonight? (Audience cheers) Great to hear! So, I had a first date with this girl last week, and let me tell you, guys, I was nervous. I wanted to make a good impression, you know? So, I went online and looked up some tips on how to be a gentleman. And guess what? The tips were all about being polite! Who knew, right?

(Audience chuckles)

Nathan: But seriously, being polite is so important. It’s not just about holding doors open for women or saying “please” and “thank you.” It’s about being considerate and respectful to everyone around you, regardless of who they are.

(Audience nods in agreement)

Nathan: And let me tell you, being polite can get you far in life. People will remember you for your kindness and manners. I mean, have you ever met someone who’s just a jerk? Yeah, they might be successful, but who wants to be around them? Not me, that’s for sure.

(Audience laughs)

Nathan: But being polite isn’t just about impressing others. It’s about being a good person, a good man. It’s about treating others the way you want to be treated. And you know what? The Bible actually talks about this. In Matthew 7:12, it says, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

(Audience claps)

Nathan: See? Being polite is biblical! And let me tell you, guys, I’m still learning. I mean, I’ve had my fair share of rude moments. Like the time I accidentally cut in line at the grocery store. Or the time I forgot to say “excuse me” when I sneezed in a crowded room.

(Audience laughs)

Nathan: But you know what? I’m trying. And that’s all that matters. And you should too. So, let’s all make an effort to be polite, to be good men. And who knows? Maybe we’ll change the world one “please” and “thank you” at a time.

(Audience cheers)

Key takeaway: Being polite is not just about impressing others, but also about being a good person and treating others with respect and kindness, as taught in the Bible.

Next chapter coming on Sunday at 11 am GMT+7

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