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The Family Show: “Finding Time for Prayer and Bible Reading”

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[Mike, Emily, Chris, and Olivia are sitting in Chris and Olivia’s living room, sipping on coffee and tea.]

Chris: So, I know we talked about prayer last week, but how do you all find time to read your Bible as well?

Olivia: Honestly, it’s tough for me. With lesson planning and grading papers, I feel like I barely have time to breathe, let alone read my Bible.

Emily: I hear you, Olivia. I work long hours at the hospital, and when I come home, my focus is usually on my kids and making dinner. But I’ve found that if I don’t make a conscious effort to read my Bible, it just won’t happen.

Mike: Same here. I’ve started waking up earlier in the morning to have some quiet time with God before the day gets busy.

Chris: That’s a good idea. I’ve been trying to read my Bible during my lunch break at work.

Olivia: Oh, I’ve never thought of that. Maybe I can use my planning period at school for Bible reading instead.

Emily: I’ve also found that setting a specific time and place helps. For me, it’s in the evening, after my kids are in bed. I sit on my couch with a cup of tea and my Bible.

Chris: That sounds cozy. Maybe I need to make my reading time a little more enjoyable, like with some coffee or tea.

Mike: Yeah, it’s important to make it a peaceful and relaxing time. That way, it doesn’t feel like just another thing to check off our to-do lists.

Olivia: And it’s not just about finding the time, but also making sure we’re really present during our reading time. It’s easy to let our minds wander, but we need to focus on what we’re reading and what God is speaking to us through it.

Emily: That’s so true. And when we make that effort, it’s amazing how much more peace and joy we experience in our daily lives.

Chris: Absolutely. And it’s not just about reading the Bible for the sake of reading it, but really allowing it to transform us from the inside out.

Mike: Amen to that. I think that’s why it’s so important to make it a priority, even when life gets busy.

Olivia: Thank you all for your suggestions. I’m feeling inspired to try some new things and make sure I’m making time for both prayer and Bible reading.

Emily: That’s great to hear, Olivia. We’re all in this together, and I know we can help keep each other accountable.

Chris: Definitely. And I think it’s important to remember that it’s not about perfection or legalism, but about growing closer to God and deepening our relationship with Him.

Mike: Absolutely. Well said, Chris. Let’s pray for each other and for God’s help in making this a regular part of our lives.

[They all bow their heads and pray together.]

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