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The Family Show: “Finding Joy in Singing Together”

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Mike: Hey guys, what do you say we sing a song together? I brought my piano with me.

Emily: That sounds like a great idea! What song do you want us to sing?

Chris: Yeah, I’m down for that. But I have to admit, I’m not the best singer.

Olivia: Me neither, but I love singing, especially with friends. What’s the song?

Mike: How about “Amazing Grace”? It’s a classic and we all know the words.

Emily: Perfect choice! Let’s do it.

(Mike starts playing the piano and the group begins singing “Amazing Grace”)

Chris: (laughing) I told you guys, I’m a terrible singer.

Emily: Oh, stop it Chris. You’re doing great.

Olivia: Yeah, we’re not here to judge each other’s singing abilities. We’re here to enjoy the music and have fun together.

Mike: Exactly. Music has a way of bringing people together and lifting our spirits. It doesn’t matter if we’re not professional singers.

Emily: (smiling) I remember when we used to sing together at church. Those were some of my favorite moments.

Chris: (nodding) Yeah, me too. I used to play guitar in the worship band.

Olivia: I wish I could play an instrument. I’ve always wanted to learn.

Mike: (stopping playing) Well, why don’t we all learn together? We can start a music group and practice together.

Emily: (excitedly) Yes, that’s a great idea! We can sing at church events and maybe even record some songs.

Chris: (smiling) Count me in. I might need some singing lessons first though.

Olivia: (laughing) I’m in too, but I might have to stick to tambourine or something.

Mike: (grinning) That’s the spirit! Let’s keep the music going and find joy in singing together.

(The group continues singing and playing music together, enjoying the moment and each other’s company.)

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