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3 Disciples: Kindness in Action

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Christian dialog between David, Joshua, and Bella

David, Joshua, and Bella were walking home from school one afternoon when they saw an elderly woman struggling to cross the street. Her hands were full of groceries, and she was having a hard time keeping her balance.

David: “Guys, we should help her. It’s the right thing to do.”

Joshua: “I don’t know. We might be late for our youth group meeting.”

Bella: “Joshua, this woman needs our help. We can’t just leave her here.”

David: “Bella’s right. Let’s put our faith into action.”

The three friends walked up to the woman and offered to carry her groceries and help her cross the street safely.

Woman: “Thank you so much, young people. You remind me of Jesus and his love for others.”

David: “That’s what we try to do, ma’am. We want to show God’s love in our actions.”

Joshua: “You’re right, David. I’m glad we helped this woman. I feel good about it.”

Bella: “Me too. It’s amazing how a small act of kindness can make a big difference.”

The three friends walked away feeling proud of themselves for helping someone in need and showing God’s love in action. They knew that their small act of kindness could make a big impact on the world around them.

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