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3 Disciples: Serve God Together

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Christian dialog between David, Joshua, and Bella

Setting: Inside a church after Sunday service

David: Hey guys, did you know that our church is looking for volunteers to serve in different ministries?

Joshua: Yeah, I heard about it. I think it’s a great opportunity to get involved and serve God.

Bella: That sounds interesting. What kind of ministries are they looking for volunteers in?

David: Well, there’s children’s ministry, ushering, hospitality, and even worship team.

Joshua: I’m thinking of signing up for children’s ministry. I love working with kids and sharing God’s love with them.

Bella: That’s really cool. I’m interested in ushering. I like the idea of welcoming people and helping them find their seats.

David: As for me, I’ve always wanted to join the worship team. I love playing music and singing praises to God.

Joshua: That’s great, David. I think we can all use our talents to serve God and bring glory to His name.

Bella: I agree. It’s important to use our gifts and abilities for His kingdom and not just for ourselves.

David: Absolutely. It’s not about what we can get, but what we can give. And I think serving God in church is one of the best ways to do that.

Joshua: Well said, David. Let’s sign up and start serving together.

Bella: Yes, let’s do it. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us.

(They all walk out of the church, ready to serve God and His people.)

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