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Short Story: The Humble Janitor

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The church was in desperate need of a janitor. They needed someone who could keep the building clean and tidy, but they also wanted someone who would be humble in their work. After a thorough search, they finally found the perfect candidate – a man named David.

David had been a successful businessman in his younger years, but he had fallen on hard times and was now looking for work. He saw the job as a janitor at the church as an opportunity to give back to the community and to serve God in a humble way.

David was a diligent worker, and he took pride in his work. He would clean every nook and cranny of the church, making sure that it was spotless for the congregation. He was also very humble, never seeking recognition or praise for his work.

One day, the pastor of the church noticed how hard David was working and how humble he was. The pastor decided to recognize David during the Sunday service, thanking him for his hard work and dedication to the church.

David was surprised and humbled by the recognition, but he knew that he was not working for the pastor or for the congregation. He was working for God, and he knew that he was doing the right thing.

From that day on, David continued to work hard and to be humble in his work. He knew that he was serving God, and that was all that mattered.

The lesson of David’s story is that no matter what job we have, we should work hard and be humble in our work. Whether we are a janitor, a CEO, or anything in between, we can serve God by doing our best and being humble in our work.

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