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Short Story: The Carpenter’s Apprentice

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Once there was a young man named James who wanted to work for God. He had heard about a carpenter named Joseph who made beautiful furniture and decorations for the temple. James admired Joseph’s skill and wanted to learn from him.

So one day, James approached Joseph and asked if he could be his apprentice. Joseph was hesitant at first, but he saw something in James and agreed to take him on.

James worked hard under Joseph’s tutelage, learning the craft of carpentry and the values of hard work, honesty, and humility. He learned to love his work, and he felt that he was doing something meaningful by using his talent to create beautiful things for God’s house.

After several years, Joseph passed away, and James was left to continue his work on his own. He opened his own carpentry shop and continued to make beautiful things for the temple. He became known for his excellent craftsmanship, and people from all over came to see his work.

One day, a man approached James and asked him to make a wooden cross. James was taken aback; he had never made such a thing before. The man explained that the cross was for a criminal who had been sentenced to death, and that the man wanted to honor him with a special cross that would remind people of his sacrifice.

James was moved by the man’s story, and he agreed to make the cross. He poured his heart and soul into the work, using all of his talent and skill to create something truly special. When the cross was finished, James was amazed at how beautiful it was.

The man returned to pick up the cross, and he was overwhelmed with emotion. He thanked James and told him that he had truly worked for God that day.

From that moment on, James knew that his work wasn’t just about creating beautiful things; it was about serving God and serving others. He continued to work hard, using his talent to bring joy and comfort to people in need, and he knew that his life was truly devoted to God.

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